What is Corporate Chaplaincy?

It is a highly relational, proactive, and on-site faith-based employee assistance

program. Traditional EAP’s are non-relational, off-site crisis management. A

Corporate chaplain builds relationships with employees and the employer, so

when “life” happens, there is a true friend they can come to for support,

encouragement and direction.

Why use a corporate Chaplain?

People spend more time at work than anywhere else. But just because they go to work doesn’t mean they’ve left their worries at home. Anxieties crowd out focused work time. Hospital visits create mounting unpaid days off. Illness and death devastate families and burden employees with skyrocketing health care costs.  Employees aren’t the only ones who suffer during crisis. Time after time, employers repeat stories of inadequate workplace support programs and feelings of helplessness.

Why hire Nancy to provide your Corporate Chaplaincy services?

Nancy has 18 years experience working in nonprofit ministry and public health as Founder of the Oklahoma Brain Tumor Foundation.  She has 10 years experience developing and managing outpatient mental health programs in Oklahoma.  This combination of experience combined with her ministry background and deep desire to help individuals and families learn  to navigate the many challenges of life with the ultimate goal of equipping individuals to be successful at work and life. Nancy is an ordained Christian Minister and  Life Coach.  Her 18 years experience counseling and  coaching families through difficult life threatening illness and tragedy have given her a broad depth of experience, wisdom and discernment. God has anointed Nancy with a very special gifts and insights that helps reach those who are grieving from deep loss, trauma and tragedy. Her gift of healing helps individuals find hope and healing in a hurting world. Nancy has a unique ability to connect with individuals who are hurting.

What does a Corporate Chaplain do?

Chaplains are available 24/7/365 to care for employees in the workplace.  In addition, chaplains will assist your employees in hospital care, family and marriage care, substance abuse, stress management, and interpersonal conflicts.  Chaplains are certified to enter jail facilities, emergency rooms, and accident scenes. Your chaplain can also perform funeral and marriage services.


In addition to regular rounds with employees, a chaplain is available to respond to crisis needs twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. 

Managers will find a chaplain to be an effective management resource. Dealing with employees’ personal life issues can consume a skilled manager’s time, who may not feel adequately trained to provide advice in most cases. A chaplain is a valuable, well-trained resource that your managers can call in to help employees deal with delicate personal situations that employees bring to work from home.

How is this funded?

Your company would pay a flat fee yearly or monthly based on the number of employees served which makes the cost predictable.  Nancy can provide additional services at an additional cost such as the following:

  • Smoking Cessation Programs and Classes;

  • One-on-One extended counseling services;

  • Bible studies and prayer meetings; and

  • Specially designed employee education classes regarding topics you identify as needed.

A cost effective alternative to an EAP

There are several benefits to outsourcing chaplain care. First, outsourcing is more cost effective than hiring a full-time staff person. Additionally, in Oklahoma a Corporate Chaplain is a  legal and cost effective alternative for employers who are required to provide Employee Assistance Program Services.  We can specifically design your services to fit your budget size which makes this a very affordable employee benefit for small businesses.  Add value to your employee benefit programs.

To learn more or get a quote, please contact Nancy at 405-410-6574 or